Meet Kristina Gonzalez, the creative force behind Aktive Art. From a young age, Kristina knew she was destined for a life of creativity, but the conventional idea of a "starving artist" initially deterred her. Embracing her passion, she dove into the world of art, overcoming societal perceptions.

Kristina's journey involved dreams, visions, and colorful illustrations, all driven by a desire to create something appreciated by others. This passion led her to a career in graphic design, where she discovered that seeking validation was not just a reward but the very purpose of her work.

However, the pursuit of approval in the design world brought its challenges. Kristina faced critique, overlooking, and the struggle for acceptance, leading to a mental battle. Despite setbacks, her love for art persisted, and she channeled it into remarkable designs for Aktive Art.

The turning point came when she lost her job, and her designs didn't resonate as expected. In the face of adversity, Kristina dug deep, turning to her faith and finding reassurance that this was her true path. This challenging experience became the catalyst for her to believe in her purpose, leading to a profound realization.

Kristina's purpose extends beyond creating; it's about inspiring others to pursue their desires and find their life's purpose. At Aktive Art, we believe in the power of self-validation and embracing uniqueness. Join us in staying active, with intent in every thought and action. Our story is a testament to the resilience of the creative spirit, and we invite you to be part of the Aktive Art journey.